A Libertarian Paradise Part 2: Social Freedom

After outlining this Libertarian’s ideas for economic freedom, I thought I’d lay out the ideas for social freedom.  Honestly, the great thing about Libertarianism is that our philosophy is incredibly consistent.  While we want businesses to be free to do what they will so long as there is no harm to anyone else, we tend to feel the exact same way toward the individual.

Libertarians are notorious for embracing the idea of legalizing drugs, especially pot.  Now, plenty of people disagree with us on this issue, saying that drugs leads to a host of other crimes such as robbery and burglary.  We don’t necessarily argue this point.  However, alcoholism leads to drunk driving and assault, and how do we deal with this?  Easy.  When a drunk punches someone, we arrest them for assault.  Drugs should be treated the same way.  While I personally think that drugs are bad for you, both physically and spiritually, I don’t feel the state has any business telling you so.

Crimes that are considered “victimless” should, in my opinion, be repealled immediately.  Drug use, in and of itself, doesn’t hurt anyone else.  If someone wants to be stupid and use drugs, then so be it.  I fail to see why the state needs to get involved whatsoever.   Our government wastes billions of dollars each year to prosecute the “drug war” and have little to show for it besides crowded prisons, bloated budgets, and a continuing epidemic of drug use and addiction.

Prostitution is another such “crime” that doesn’t hurt a sole in and of itself.  The problems with prostitution involve pimps forcing young girls into prostitution against their will, and forcing them to stay in.  Were prostitution legal, this would abruptly end.  These girls wouldn’t be labeled criminals, but instead would be seen as the victims that they truly are.  They could go to police without fear of arrest themselves for what they’ve been doing.

Another change in the Libertarian Paradise is the removal of state mandated seat belt laws.  They would be a thing of the past.  Now, some may be thinking “why shouldn’t we have them?  I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for some brain dead fool who didn’t wear a seat belt.”  I understand the sentiment, I really do.  However, remember that there is no socialized medicine in the Libertarian Paradise.  The individual’s insurance has to foot the bill.  If not, then his family.  If not his family, then private charities will do it.  But it will not be anyone’s tax dollars.

Also, in my Libertarian Paradise, the borders would be opened.  Those from South of the Border who want to enter the US simply have to fill out a form and have an instant background check done to make sure they’re not fleeing prosecution in their home countries, then they’re welcome to come on in.  Sure, this sounds bad.  Frankly, for a long time, I disagreed with the Libertarian Party’s stance on illegal immigration.  However, I came to realize that you have to look at the party’s platform as a whole, and the same is true here.

Yes, you will have immigrants able to just enter the United States.  However, there is no longer any socialized health care.  There’s also no minimum wage laws.  What this means is that immigrants will have to compete on a level playing field with Americans.  As such, fewer will actually enter the US, since employers will tend to side with people who actually speak English versus those who don’t.  And yes, I understand that many are fans of the minimum wage.  However, it serves to drive costs up.  Employers who are no longer bound by such laws will be able to lowers costs, and thereby prices (they’ll have to…people won’t have the income they might have had at one time).

In short, people are free.  They are free to make any decision they want, so long as they don’t hurt a living soul.  But they also have a responsibility to act right, or else they’ll get the full brunt of their stupidity.  And really, the right to be stupid is one of our most fundamental rights.  When government tries to take it away, they destroy our liberties in ways that people are oblivious too.

We must remain vigilant each day, and then, maybe, we’ll find our Libertarian Paradise.


2 Responses

  1. One thing you forgot to mention that the government has to show for the war on drugs is the real reason behind the war on drugs. The gradual slippery slope expansion of federal power.

  2. Very possible, but I can’t prove that so I opt not to officially ascribe their motives on this one. Whether it was intentional or not though, they definitely have it and a militarized police force with capabilities close enough to a light infantry unit in many places to make one more than a little concerned.

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