[Updated] Closer Look at 2010 Governor’s Race with Fox 5 Atlanta

Fox 5 Atlanta is doing a series called ‘Closer Look: Race for Governor 2010’ where they interview each of the candidates.

April 21, 2009 Karen Handel text and video
April 22, 2009 Ray McBerry text and video
April 23, 2009 John Oxendine text and video
April 24, 2009 Austin Scott text and video
April 28, 2009 David Poythress text and video
April 29, 2009 Thurbert Baker text and video
April 30, 2009 DuBose Porter text and video
May 1, 2009 John Monds text and video

SWGA Politics will also have a continuing series ‘Candidate and Liberty’, examining each candidate’s statements as they appear on their websites and looking at them from the eyes of one Libertarian – namely, me. The first mini-series in this series is now complete, and ‘John Oxendine and Liberty: Series At a Glance‘ has already been posted.


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  1. AL BARTELL is an Independent Candidate for Governor of Georgia in 2010

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