We’re Moving

This is just a friendly head’s up. SWGA Politics has grown a great deal just since I’ve come on board, and it was growing well when Jeff was flying solo on this. We’re thrilled with how well things have gone here. So thrilled, in fact, that we are going off the reservation a bit…well, off of the free wordpress site and onto the new horizons of self hosted.

As for what the future holds, one never knows. However, we figure that you all read this blog because of what we write, so we might as well keep going with that if nothing else. In other words, if you like what we’re doing, don’t worry. We plan on continuing down that path.

The big move will happen Saturday morning by 10:00 AM. All posts and comments will be on the new site, and the last post on this particular site will be our new URL. The only reason I’m not sharing it now is because the site still has a little ways to go. I’ve gotta have my secrets, right?

On behalf of Jeff and myself, we hope everyone will come on over to the new site and check us out Saturday. We’re excited by the new possibilities and hope you are as well!


2 Responses

  1. That was fast….you guys got your wings in record time. Status quo should be concerned…very concerned.

  2. We’re trying. If we’ve got the status quo concerned, we’re definitely doing the right things 🙂

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