It’s Official!

That’s right boys and girls, we have officially moved. We will still be monitoring this site for a little while, but we’re focusing on our new site now. And just where is that?

If you’ve got us on your blog roll, we’re going to ask you to update the link.  We’ve moved all of our links to the new site, so don’t worry 😉


2 Responses

  1. Jeff: Did I just come home from church to see that Carlton Fletcher gave you and your blog mad love in his Sunday column in the Albany Herald? Wait just a cotton-picking minute; your meteoric blog just stepped in the game and already Fletcher is commenting on you.

    Fletcher…Albany State Grad Fletcher…we when to the same college Fletcher…never read produced by ASU grad me Fletcher. I tip the Panama hat I worn to church today (actually I got it in Ecuador) to you and SWGA Politics for the nod Fletcher gave you guys. And Carlton Fletcher was right about having a deep detailed newspaper in one’s hand—I still can’t believe that the AJC is not available in south Georgia anymore. When he wrote that he was not going to bank on the depth of reporting from anyone whose job description includes “getting your makeup right,” was he talking about you or the TV news reporters he mentioned. Lewis Grizzard is smiling on the other side about that line.

    Fletcher’s article about “Bright Flight or White Flight” from Albany into Leesburg is an instant classic. In Worth County, we welcome those working in east Albany who seek a quieter community. Whom am I fooling; those kids (Black, White and Brown) with the booming car stereos are about to drive me into the rural area of Worth County.

    If Fletcher reads this, he should tell Candace the Herald’s circulation department that I am again sorry for fussing about my paper not being in the box this morning; the thoughtful delivery person tossed it in the garage because someone who likely doesn’t read has been stealing my paper lately. The communities of Isabella, Acre and Ty Ty are starting to look pretty good these days.

    I am no where near anybody’s journalist…I am just a guy venting and waiting for Sawgrass and the NBA to come on the tube.

  2. I’m confused – has the Georgia Prescription Monitoring Program Act been passed or not?

    Thanks for your response.

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